As a child, Anita studied ballet and in more recent years has balanced her yoga practice with Flamenco dancing, running, swimming and Pilates. In June 2014, a chronic running injury put her dreams of completing the NYC marathon on hold. Having also left her job of 8 years and participating in the 40-day 'Revolution' at her local yoga studio, a daily yoga practice was cultivated and she was drawn to the healing benefits and recuperative techniques... This is where her journey as a yoga teacher began. 

Anita has experienced different styles of yoga including, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, however it's the intelligent sequencing of a Forrest Yoga practice that resonates with her most and she is excited to be able to share this style of yoga with you. 

Chikara Yoga offers L1&2 classes and a 6-week Intro Course to Forrest Yoga, private and corporate classes.

Take your practice to another level on and off the mat and learn to Walk in Beauty! 

We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as we evolve together.

Anita Foster
Owner and teacher

Here’s a Bit More About Anita

Anita is a Level 1 certified Forrest Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) training under Ana T. Forrest.
With over 15 years of personal practice, Anita has a passion for yoga, health and wellbeing.
She took her first yoga class back in 1997, and decided it wasn't for her.  In her early 20s, she felt if she didn't sweat, she hadn't done a work-out in order to burn off calories. After getting back on the mat in 2003, she hasn't looked back. Yoga has kept her grounded and helped manage stress and anxiety levels during challenging times. Forrest Yoga has taught her to connect with her breath and spirit and reminds her to be still during these times and trust in the journey.


Chikara Yoga founder and certified Forrest Yoga teacher, Anita, is here to help you connect fully with your breath and learn to practice struggle free. 

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